Complicated Choices by Risa Nyman #bookreviewComplicated Choices by Risa Nyman
Published by Immortal Works on July 25, 2023
Genres: Young Adult
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High school senior Claire Jackson’s life shatters after an unplanned pregnancy.

Not hers, her mother’s.

With no father named on baby Harry’s birth certificate and their mother sinking into despair, Claire finds herself knee deep in diapers, streams of baby barf, and mountains of laundry. Not only does Harry rob Claire of her freedom, but also her future when her mother uses her college funds for day care.

Claire’s uncle offers to replenish the funds on the condition Harry is given up for adoption. With a troubled and unstable mother, Claire must take control and choose: trade Harry for money and return to her former life, or fight for him.

The stakes run high when a baby is involved, and the choices are complicated.

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My Thoughts

This book was written by a truly talented author. Because it is unique compared to other YA books I have read. Throughout this riveting book, you’re going to feel a wave of emotions.  Although Claire is a strong-willed young lady, I felt terrible for her because she shouldn’t have had to be at her age. A fast-paced page turner that is quick to read. I strongly suggest reading this book.  

Thank you to BookSirens and the author for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.


About Risa Nyman

Born in Boston with the accent to prove it, Risa lived within ten miles of that city for decades until a recent move to the neighboring Ocean State.

For many years, Risa worked in a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting active participation in our democracy, with a special focus on voting and elections.

Risa’s creative writing journey started the day she found three pennies in a neat stack on a windowsill in a completely empty apartment that had belonged to her mother. It’s an interesting story, and there was definitely some magic in those pennies.

When not writing, Risa is reading, exercising or doing therapeutic ironing (yes, there is such a thing.)