James Caine

James Caine loves psychological thrillers. When not writing or reading a thriller, he’s watching one. His wife is sick of it. To make up for it, James regrettably agreed to watch a Romantic Comedy for every thriller his partner enjoys with him.

James Caine is mysterious since this is not his real identity, but a pen name. James was his alternate name when volunteering at a suicide hotline. Caine derived from a fictional villain in one of his stories. He asks that you not psychoanalyze that last part.

James Caine lives with his Queen and two young Princes in Alberta, Canada. He also cares for his fur ball companion, Ruby.

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The Jealous Wife by James Caine #bookreview

The Jealous Wife by James Caine on July 31, 2023 Genres: Domestic Thriller, Psychological Thrillers …