Ruby Fox

Ruby Fox is an award-winning Australian fiction writer, screenwriter, and storyteller, who also still dreams of being a rock star —but let’s face it, that ship has probably sailed.

Ruby writes all the things but has a particular penchant for tricky tales, comedy that stabs you in the feels, rom-coms, stuff that is high-camp and scary as f*ck, and LGBTIQ stories. If there’s magic, pop stars, or vampires in the mix, all the better.

She likes hot yoga, tattoos, and cheese but not in that order. Mostly the cheese comes first. Her dog, Lola, is the love of her life and—by the time you read this—she could be living literally anywhere in the world. She hasn’t made up her mind yet.

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Dead Famous by Ruby Fox #bookreview

Dead Famous by Ruby Fox Published by Daring Press on July 3, 2023 Genres: Mystery …