About Me

Hi, my name is Jody, and I am a grandmother of oh my goodness I lost count, lol! Okay, the last time I counted there was eighteen, and two great-grandchildren. I know, right. Okay enough about how old I am getting 😂 On to what I enjoy doing with my time.

I love anything and everything to do with books. If I could live in a book store or a library that would be a dream home for me. I love hosting blog tours and giveaways for my readers. I like the idea of introducing new authors to my readers, and from what I hear they like finding new authors to add to their TBR list as well. I have also started trying my hand at writing, I know a little late in life right? Right now, I am writing short stories as a hobby, but someday before I go to the other side, lol! I would like to see a few published. If I am going to dream, why not dream BIG?

Okay, the real-life short story about my blogging. I used to own a website called ‘The Work at Home Mom Site’ twahms.com, which I use to build and sell cookie cutter websites on with a partner, this was in the 90’s. I was working on websites while using dial-up, (AOL) lol! I sold that website many years ago. I have been book blogging full time now since 2008, and at the time I started it was mainly just book reviews and it was called ‘Jody’s Book Reviews’. Then in 2010, I started adding some blog tours to the mix. Changed the name of my blog in 2019 to ‘I’m Into Books’.  

I have done most of my blogging on Blogger until I opened ‘I’m All About Books’ on WordPress. I used that blog mainly for cozy mystery, and mystery blog tours. It is now all mysteries, thrillers, suspense books, reviews, and blog tours. It has also been renamed with and new domain as well. It is now J.K. Joy ~ Mystery, Thrillers, & Suspense at jodyjoy.com. 

Then, I moved ‘I’m Into Books’ over to WordPress this past November. I have always been an introverted blogger; I have never been a very talkative person most of my childhood and adult life. I always seem to get tongue tied. I just this year 2023 started joining some memes and challenges and trying to talk to some of the other bloggers. I am still working on my backwardness every day, but it’s not easy when you have been an introvert most of your life, and I am 67 now, so I see it as a loss cause by now, lol!

Happy Reading!