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My book for today is: Don’t Trust Her by Cathryn Grant

Publication Date: October 1, 2023

My Review

Parker had the perfect marriage. Then Eden came home.

Twenty years have passed since Dylan’s beloved sister, Celeste, was brutally murdered. Now he plans an anniversary memorial for the sister he misses to this day.

When their childhood friend, Eden, comes home to attend the memorial, Dylan invites her to stay with him and his wife, Parker.

But Parker is apprehensive. She remembers a time when Eden had designs on her husband, and she worries she still carries a torch for him. Her fears seem confirmed when Eden openly flirts with Dylan and captivates their pre-teen daughter.

As Parker desperately tries to hasten Eden’s departure, Dylan resists, fondly remembering the time they spent as childhood friends. And when Eden brings up questions about who murdered Celeste, Parker’s fears only escalate. She thinks her husband’s mental health could suffer if Eden keeps digging.

Can Parker get rid of Eden before she destroys her family? And why has Eden really come back to town? As the two old friends circle each other, past secrets are revealed and they find themselves hurtling into a vortex of unimaginable pain and terror.


First Sentence:

Celeste Campbell had been murdered when she was nineteen years old. Someone, a monster without a soul, crept up behind her and smashed the back of her head with a rock. Her murder changed all of us forever.

Page 56:

“They know what happened,” Eden said. “It’s natural they’re going to have questions. You can’t—” “Stay out of this, Eden. It’s none of your business,” I said. Dylan talked over me, as if he didn’t even hear me. “All I’m saying is that someone doesn’t just suddenly die in a weird, unusual situation like that. Not when he’s been telling anyone who will listen that he knows something about a murder. It’s too much of a coincidence.” “I agree,” said Eden. “What is the weird situation?” Brianna asked. “I can’t keep up with the story if you’re hiding all the important details from us. I know what goes on in the world. Stop treating me like a little kid. Did he have someone in his bed or something? Were there two dead bodies? Three? Was he shooting up? What is it?”

Today’s Question Is: Do you agree that libraries should ban books?  (submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)

A: No, I do not agree with this at all. I am not going into my reasons why because I do not want any backlash. Just sayin’

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