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My book for today is: I Will Find You by Cole Baxter

Publication Date:  July 30, 2023

My Review

Maria loves her husband. She really, really doesn’t want to kill him.

Maria just wants to put her troubled past behind her. Newly married to wealthy architect Cooper, she’s finally enjoying the perfect life.

Things weren’t always easy for Maria. Years ago, desperate to escape an abusive marriage, she did some very bad things. And then had to flee the man who helped her, Jackson Drake, when she realized he was even more dangerous than her husband.

Fast forward to the present, and Jackson has finally tracked her down.

Now he is using Maria’s darkest secrets to blackmail her into doing exactly what he says. And what he says is that her new husband Cooper must die.

Maria knows Jackson is utterly ruthless and that he has the power to destroy her world and everything she holds dear. If she is to save herself and her husband, she will have to find the strength to do things she never imagined in her wildest dreams.

But how far will she go to save her perfect life? And who will pay the ultimate price?


First Sentence:

Standing in front of the sink, I looked out through the window, wondering where Glen was and what kind of mood he’d be in when he came through the door. It was already past dark, the meal I’d made was practically overcooked, but I knew if I attempted to eat without him, the beating he’d give me would be worse than if I waited for him. He was probably still going to beat me because the meal wasn’t perfect.

Page 56:

I held my breath as I tiptoed into the apartment I was sharing with Jackson. I didn’t know where he was, but I was more afraid of him than I’d ever been of Glen, and that was saying something. I didn’t know what I’d done in a former life to have brought either of them into mine, but I was now stuck with Jackson with no way out. He controlled the money, my life, everything. I had nothing except the clothes in the closet.

Todays Question Is: What are your thoughts on “happily ever after” endings? (submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)

A: Well for one thing, with the go to genre I read, there are very little ‘happily ever after’ endings. With that being said, a good happily ever after makes for a good change once in awhile.

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