Someone is murdering a group of friends at the John Farmer Club, whose membership harbors a barely hidden racist agenda and a white supremacist past. It’s up to Dora and Missy to find and stop the killer before becoming victims themselves…

Title: A Divisive Storm: Dora Ellison Mystery Book 6
Author: David E. Feldman
Publisher: Eface Media
Pages: 233
Genre: Thriller Noir

Drucker is shot in the face while sitting in his car in the parking lot
of a drug store. His wife, Katie, hires Dora Ellison and Missy Winters
of Geller Investigations to find his killer. Soon, another murder
occurs, and these are linked to a third murder, five years earlier. Dora
and Missy learn that these men were all members of a club with a barely
hidden racist agenda and a white supremacist past. As the bodies pile
up, Dora and Missy are faced with their most daunting, dangerous case

Fans and lovers of Noir, Hard-Boiled and LGBT Detective Mysteries will love the Dora Ellison Mystery Series.






 And there he was.

I knew where he’d be. I knew of several places he would be and times he would be at those places. I had all the information. All I had to do was wait for the right opportunity. An empty parking lot or a busy street. Either might do, if they were right.

I’d know. I had lived for this.

The parking lot was all but empty. A few cars. No people.

I approached the car I’d spent so long looking for and smiled when I saw he was behind the wheel. He looked different, but the changes that came with age were superficial. The gray hair, the wrinkles, the heavier face (and probably the belly), and whatever other changes that came with time, couldn’t hide the fact that all my hard work had paid off. I’d found him.

He saw me and smiled at first, not knowing who I was, and rolled down his window. When he glanced up again I saw recognition but not understanding. He knew me, but didn’t understand what I was doing there.

I watched the process, as if in slow motion. He knew the person behind these different, aged features, just as I knew him. The difference was I had context. I knew who he was, why he was in front of me, and what he’d done to deserve what was about to happen.

He had no idea.

At first.

Then it began to dawn. It took only seconds, but his benevolent smile faded into awareness as he remembered. An oh-so-brief confusion followed. What was I doing here, at his car window of all places?

He smiled a little at the memory at first, for just a fraction of a second—which made the terror that followed all the more rewarding. Because then he knew.

The terror was a big part of my reason for being here.

And I said one word—the word I had waited to say. “Justice.”

All he said was “Please!”

Then I put the gun against his cheek and shot him in the face. That was the other part of my reason for being here.

Best damn moment of my life. 


About the Author

David E. Feldman has
written 8 books of his own and ghost-written many others. He has made
several films, won 2 film awards and won a playwriting contest in 2022.
His first in series Not Today: Dora Ellison Mystery Book 1 was a
Best Mystery 2022 Killer Nashville Claymore finalist and was followed
by four, soon to be five, more Dora books. His novel The Neighborhood was a 2023 finalist for The Book Excellence Awards.

He plays piano and
sings professionally and loves to paint, which he does both for fun and
commission. He adores his wife, two sons and their Yorkie. He has an MLS
degree in Library & Information Science.

His books include: The Dora Ellison Mystery Series

Not Today, Dora Ellison Mystery Series Book 1    

A Gathering Storm, Dora Ellison Mystery Series Book 2  

A Sickening Storm, Dora Ellison Mystery Books Book 3  

A Biological Storm, Dora Ellison Mystery Series Book 4  

A Special Storm, Dora Ellison Mystery Series Book 5  

Pilgrimage from Darkness Nuremberg to Jerusalem  

Bad Blood, a Long Island Mystery  

Born of War: Based on a Story of American Chinese Friendship    

How to Be Happy in Your Marriage    

The Neighborhood

His work can be found at

He works extensively as a ghostwriter, via his ghostwriting website at His film, Everyone Deserves a Decent Life (directed, produced) won the Alfred Fortunoff Humanitarian Film Award at the Long Island Film Expo, 2014. His film, Let Me Out!
(Written, directed, produced) won Best Psychological Thriller at the
2009 New York International Film Festival. His play, Love Lives On, was a
winner of the inaugural Artists in Partnership Inaugural Playwriting
Contest and was performed in Sept. – Oct. 2022 in Long Beach, New





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