Deadly Manor: A World War II Mystery (Deadly Series)
by Kate Parker

About Deadly Manor

Deadly Manor: A World War II Mystery (Deadly Series)
Historical Cozy Mystery
10th in Series
JDP Press (August 15, 2023)
Print length ‏ : ‎ 265 pages
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0C7F2DT7D

Surrounded by war, stalked by murder, can she stay alive?October 1940. Livvy Redmond is thrilled to receive an invitation to a country house party away from the Blitz. There she hopes to help her husband overcome his injuries from fighting in France. But excitement turns to horror when she stumbles across two members of the house party – murdered.Indebted to her hostess, Livvy attempts to catch the killer. No one is who they seem, and the party goers leave her with more questions than answers.Somewhere close, the killer waits in the shadows to stop her.Deadly Manor is the exciting tenth book in the World War II mystery Deadly Series. If you like intrepid heroines, research-based history and clean reads, then you’ll love USA Today Bestselling Author Kate Parker’s page-turning mystery.Uncover a murderer in Blitz-era England with Deadly Manor.

About Kate Parker

With her love of travel, Kate Parker sets her novels overseas. Once home from her research trips and armed with hot tea and chocolate, she can be found clicking away on her keyboard, hiking the hills of central North Carolina, and spoiling her 90 pound muse puppy. She’d tell you what she did before she retired, but then she’d have to use certain skills to eliminate you. She pens stories to entertain readers who enjoy action and murder in tales about plucky heroines, quirky characters, and difficult situations in a bygone era. Her stories are sweet, as in no graphic sex, violence, or language. Her heroines remain ladylike while chasing murderers and escaping danger. Well, as ladylike as scratching, punching, and kicking can be.

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Hi, I’m Livvy Redmond, newspaperwoman extraordinaire and part-time sleuth for Sir Malcolm Freemantle, Britain’s spymaster before and during World War II. I’m the creation of Kate Parker, USA Today© bestselling author thanks to my exploits in the Deadly Series.

Before you think she won that status by being associated with me, I need to tell you that’s not true. When we first met in 1937, I was a new widow who’d just seen her husband lying on a coroner’s slab. I knew he’d been murdered, even if the police didn’t. Of course, Kate knew as well, and so she sent me off to investigate.

That was in Deadly Scandal, and before long, I had a reputation for solving murders. It was also in Deadly Scandal that I first met Adam Redmond, who became my second husband in Deadly Darkness.

During my earliest adventure, I obtained employment with Sir Henry Benton, my best friend’s father. I needed a job to support myself after my first husband’s death, and I was not about to move in with my father. He is hopelessly Victorian and we argue constantly.

Sir Henry is the publisher of a London daily newspaper and he hired me for the society pages at an extravagant wage. It let me know there would be a second assignment for me, that of helping rescue Jews from Nazi Germany.

Sir Henry’s late wife, my best friend Esther’s mother, was a German Jew and a scientist who died around the end of World War I, the same time as my own mother. Esther and I originally bonded as two motherless girls at our boarding school. While I was up to pranks and amateur dramatics which infuriated my father, Esther was quiet and dignified which left her father baffled. Many times in school, Esther and I wished we could switch fathers.

Now that I was working for Sir Henry, he would send me on assignments into Nazi-held territory to assist in obtaining visas and smuggling out valuables to assist Jews to leave central Europe. 

My journeys came to the attention of Sir Malcolm Fremantle, British head of counterespionage, when he had my father locked up for something he didn’t do in Deadly Deception. My father warned me not to get involved, but as usual, I refused to listen to him and ended up working for Sir Malcolm on a part-time basis. This happened because Sir Malcolm worked out a deal with Sir Henry where Sir Henry paid my salary while loaning me to Sir Malcolm for specific missions. I don’t know what threat Sir Malcolm used on Sir Henry to get this agreement, but it worked.

World War II stopped my travels to the continent, but there was little fighting going on at first. Then Sir Malcolm sent me in Deadly Rescue to neutral Denmark, which was about to be invaded by Germany. My task was to bring a world renown scientist to England by the last ferry between our two countries. That was dangerous enough considering I don’t speak Danish, but murder made the mission more difficult.

It was then that the fighting began in earnest. In rapid order, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France felt to the advancing German armies, and now Britain stands alone. My husband Adam, wounded in France, made it out on the last ship out of Cherbourg four days after Hitler arrived in person in Paris. Four months later, Adam is still recovering, walking with the aid of two canes.

In Deadly Manor, Adam and I are invited to a country house owned by a friend so Adam to recover away from the Blitz currently blasting London. We jump at the chance to sleep all night in our beds undisturbed by air raid sirens and walk in the fresh air.

We didn’t count on the murders…

Deadly Manor, the tenth book in the Deadly Series by USA Today bestselling author Kate Parker, is on sale in ebook and paperback formats at all the usual online retailers.


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