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Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course eBooks! 

And audiobooks. Don’t forget audiobooks!

In other words, if you can read it or if it can be read to you – no matter how you got it – it belongs in Stacking the Shelves.


This last week was good for me; The weather, however, is a another different matter, haha! This week was really hot and humid, so I stayed indoors and read a lot, which was fine with me. Due to the amount of free time I had this week to read and adding to my TBR shelf, I did add a significant amount of books to it, but here are just a few of them. And thank you Susan from Susan Loves Books for my first book I added this past week, I can’t wait to get to it. And, Diana from Book of Secrets for my last book listed here. I hope everyone had a good week.😊


Her Homegrown Christmas Wish by Rachelle Paige Campbell

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All five-year-old Olivia Beacon wants for Christmas is a dad…

How on earth is single mom Hannah Beacon supposed to make that happen? To make matters worse, her holiday season is off to a rocky start. Between transferring ownership of the family bakery amid her mom’s decline, raising her young daughter, and the onslaught of Christmas orders, she can’t handle much more. And then her estranged husband shows up on her doorstep.

In the New Year, Daniel Ford is set to begin production on a TV show for the Hope and Family network. After years in the industry, the role is his biggest break yet. But when he sees his wife on screen with a mini version of herself, he realizes his shot at fame is on the line.

Together, Daniel and Hannah agree to start legal divorce proceedings-until Daniel comes face to face with the child that spurred his return. He can’t walk out of his daughter’s life, nor can he continue to deny his feelings for his wife. Will the career Daniel’s always wanted take center stage? Or can the two forgive past hurts to make their daughter’s Christmas wish a reality?

You Always Come Back by Emily Smith

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In the vein of Kathleen Barber and Julia Heaberlin comes an electrifying debut suspense that pits the inhabitants of a small town against each other.

Nine years ago, July Weaver’s little sister was of the first victim of the Pacific Lake Killer, a serial killer in Georgia. When other girls began to disappear and were found dead, it was July’s testimony that put her own father into prison for the crimes. After the sentencing, she fled to Nashville to focus on her music career and to try to forget the horrible past. But when her brother tries to kill himself, July is forced to come back home and reunite with her four remaining siblings.

What she isn’t expecting is to uncover new evidence that makes her question everything that happened to her sister nine years ago. Is it possible that July blamed the wrong person? Is it possible that the Pacific Lake Killer is still out there? As the linchpin to the case against her father—and the reason the Pacific Lake Killer case is closed—July knows it isn’t long before the killer will set their eyes back on her.

If they’re really still out there.

Dead Famous by Ruby Fox

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A high-profile journalist, a career headed for rock bottom, and the Hollywood murder mystery that could fix it all!

After she gets a story catastrophically wrong, celebrity columnist, Katherine ‘Kat’ Alley, is shipped off to Los Angeles and given one last chance. Her brief? A simple retrospective on Xander Hill, long-dead movie star and the victim of one of Hollywood’s most enduring murder mysteries. Kat has a better solve the fifty-year-old cold case and resurrect her reputation.

But digging up the past unearths the last witness she expects (or wants): A witness who makes her question everything she believes about her job, herself, and the invisible line between this life and the next. The more Kat uncovers, the more she realises that everyone in Hollywood has a secret and nothing is what it seems. Can she solve the mystery of who killed Xander Hill before time runs out?

The List by Kiersten Modglin

Ten years ago, the small town of Bates, South Carolina was changed forever with the appearance of a slip of paper.
Six names.
Six people set to die.

Six months later, they were gone. But the list maker was far from done with their town.
Like clockwork, new lists come out every six months. To keep their names off of them, the citizens go to extraordinary lengths and keep terrifying secrets.
Someone is controlling their town. But who? And, most importantly, why?

When Connor and Jordyn Atwood move to Bates, they see firsthand how far their new neighbors are willing to go to protect themselves. Will the Atwoods succumb to their newfound surroundings? Or will they fight to protect the town they now call their home?
With everything at stake and no one to trust, the Atwoods quickly learn the list maker has one important rule: do what you’re told…or find your name on The List.

The Vanishing Hour by Seraphina Nova Glass

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Grace Holloway keeps to herself. Since narrowly escaping death at the hands of the man who kidnapped her, she’s thrown herself into the small inn she runs in Rock Harbor, Maine. It’s quiet, quaint and, in the off-season, completely isolated—the perfect place for Grace to keep her own secrets.

But Grace isn’t the only one with something to hide, and Rock Harbor isn’t just a sleepy vacation town. Someone is taking young women—girls who look an awful lot like Grace did when she was kidnapped so many years ago.

When a surge of disappearances brings the investigation to her door, Grace finds herself unwillingly at the center of it all and doing everything she can to keep her distance. Because Grace knows something…something that could change everything. And when the truth comes to light, getting justice for the vanished might be more than Grace can handle alone…

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