The Darkness Within Ourselves by Jessica Huntley #bookreview @jess_read_writeThe Darkness Within Ourselves by Jessica Huntley
on April 1, 2021
Genres: Psychological Thrillers
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Amber and her four best friends are about to reach their teenage years when the unthinkable happens; one of her friends, Kieran, is killed in a freak accident.

Twenty years later, Amber no longer speaks to her friends and is still haunted by that day in the form of severe psychological issues, including sleep paralysis, insomnia and hallucinations of a terrifying entity she calls The Creature.

But it isn’t just in her head; it is real.

Unbeknown to Amber, her former friends have also been suffering from their own psychological nightmares, each trapped and twisted into people they no longer recognise.

Then a piece of evidence is found from that day and Amber and her former friends are forced to relive the events leading up to Kieran's death, learning truths along the way that they would rather not know about themselves.

Can they work together to rid themselves of their demons and find out what really happened to Kieran all those years ago?

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My Thoughts

‘Little did she know that this was going to be the worst day of her life.’

My first book by Jessica Huntley, and not my last. The twists and turns in this one had me hooked. The main characters as well as the writing style were equally outstanding. I encourage all readers who enjoy thrillers to read this book.


About Jessica Huntley

Jessica is, and always has been, a huge fan of psychological and suspense thrillers. Her favourite authors are Chris Carter and John Marrs. She loves the twists and turns and shocking reveals and uses the books she reads as inspiration to write her own.

​Jessica wrote her first book at age six. Between the ages of ten and eighteen, she had written ten full-length fiction novels as a hobby in her spare time between school and work.

​At age eighteen, she left her hobby behind and joined the British Army as an Intelligence Analyst where she spent the next four and a half years as a soldier. She attempted to write more novels but was never able to finish them.

​Jessica later left the Army and became a mature student at Southampton Solent University and studied Fitness and Personal Training, which later became her career. She still enjoys keeping fit and exercising daily.

​She is now a wife, a stay-at-home mum to a crazy toddler and has a part-time time job as a freelance copy writer and editor. She lives in Newbury. During the first national lockdown of 2020, she signed up on a whim to a novel writing course, and the rest is history. Her love of writing came flooding back, and she managed to write and finish her debut novel, The Darkness Within Ourselves, inspired by her love of horror and thriller novels. She has also finished writing the My … Self trilogy, completed a Level 3 Diploma in Editing and Proofreading and has worked with four other authors on a collaborative horror novel entitled The Summoning.

She is now working on a new novel in her spare time, reads every day (thrillers…obviously) and is also a Thriller Ambassador for Tandem Collective.

Her latest suspense thriller, Jinx, is out on the 15th of April. It’s a gripping and emotional journey that will have you flipping those pages long into the night and has some real life accounts of her time as a soldier!