Violent Nights by Ryan M. Howard #bookreviewViolent Nights by Ryan M. Howard
Published by Ryan Matthew Howard on October 17, 2023
Genres: Supernatural Thrillers, Thriller
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A trio of middle schoolers forms a sinister secret society.
Their first order of business?
Ritual sacrifice, of course.

Thirteen-year-old Charmane “Charm” Wilson just saved a boy’s life—but broke about a dozen laws doing it. So as she’s hailed a hero by local law enforcement, Charm knows that if the whole story ever got out, her own life could be in peril.

True, being swept up in a murderous plot wasn’t entirely her fault. However, Charm’s drastic choices while navigating the unthinkable were hers and hers alone. Now she must cover her tracks or risk being exposed, arrested, vilified—or maybe even worse.

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My Thoughts

Overall, I thought this was well-written and an engaging book to read. The author did a decent job of developing the characters. A good thriller with the ideal number of twists and turns to keep me on the edge of my seat. I highly recommend it.  

Thank you to NetGalley and the author for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.


About Ryan M. Howard

A lifelong dork, Ryan is a Southern California native who is proud to have been a pizza delivery driver for most of his adult years. In his free time, he enjoys watching TV, reading, and trying to write stories. VIOLENT NIGHTS is his first book.