Be Careful What You Wish For by Lorraine Murphy #bookreviewBe Careful What You Wish for by Lorraine Murphy
Published by Inkubator Books on August 20, 2023
Genres: Psychological Thrillers
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A mother determined to hide the truth. A sister about to expose it.

When Tara Ryan gets the results of a DNA test one rainy afternoon, all her dreams come true. She discovers she’s not an only child, she has a long-lost sister, Cassie.

What she doesn’t know is that Cassie is homeless, strung out, and praying for a break.

As socially awkward Tara lets street-wise Cassie into her life, shocking secrets come to the surface – a dark web of illegal adoptions, betrayal and death. All rooted in a horrifying children's home scandal which occurred many years before.

Has Tara's mother been deceiving her for her entire life, or is Tara looking to the wrong person for the truth?

Someone is lying - and they must pay the ultimate price.

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My Thoughts

Cassie and Tara are the primary characters in the story, and a cheek swab for DNA testing impacts their lives permanently. An intriguing story full of lies and deceit. It ended with shocking twists that I did not see coming.  

Thank you to Booksprout and Inkubator Books for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.


About Lorraine Murphy

Lorraine Murphy writes about everyday situations, twisting them into terrifying tales. Author of Into the Woods, a psychological thriller, she has numerous winning flash fiction stories and is working on her second novel with Inkubator Books.

As a teenager she adored Stephen King and later found herself on the jury of an infamous murder trial. She lives in Ireland with her husband Brendan and three taller children. Pull up a chair, she’s been waiting for you.